Thank you! and (a small mea culpa)

We wanted to take a minute to reach out to our new customers and frequent customers from our other establishment BIRDI Golf, to say thank you so much for your support at the New Lumberyard Pub! We were so excited to see many faces we know and new faces over the last 2 weeks since we opened.

The feedback we've received has been by in-large super positive, and we are so happy so many are able to enjoy the beautiful patio again in Downtown Afton! We've met many new friends so far and are excited to continue to serve you!

With that being said, we realize there have been some challenges as we've gotten open that have led to some not so positive experiences and quite frankly, some pretty harsh reviews online. Mostly, these all reference the speed of our service.

While we wish some people were not quite as brutal and we recognize we cannot make everyone happy, we also have to be honest and acknowledge, this is a bit of an issue we are trying to correct right now. Here are a couple of factors we are dealing with and working to correct so we can ensure everyone has a great experience at the Lumberyard, and in the spirit of transparency, we're just going to lay it out there.

1. Very difficult labor market & newness of staff: It has been very difficult to find staff (this is true everywhere in the hospitality/restaurant industry) and many of our staff are new, so we are training them up quickly, but with some big rushes coming all at once and new people just getting trained in, it has caused some issues with people waiting 15, 20 even 30 minutes or more to get their drink filled, or their order taken. We've also had guests come in and seat themselves, and unfortunately, our team did not see or communicate when this happened, so there were some frustrated patrons that left because they didn't get service. This is not acceptable and we are working hard to train up our team to ensure quality, fast and friendly service and we are also adjusting our setup to ensure everyone is seated in a timely fashion, in a section with a server that knows you're there. On that note, if you know anyone that wants to work, we are hiring for all positions.

2. Size of our Kitchen vs Menu Aspirations. Over the first 2 weeks open, whenever we get a rush of 50-60 people or more at one time, this puts our kitchen behind in orders. This is an unfortunate side effect of the size of our kitchen. The reality is we in a 100 year old building, we have limited space in the kitchen, in fact, it's very small. As a scratch kitchen, items generally take longer to cook to begin with, when you throw in a lack of space for prep and cooking, it makes it difficult to deliver a lot of orders at once. We are working on paring back the menu slightly to continue to deliver a high quality made fresh meal, while working to improve our speed of service.

Our Promise: We are working hard to get our team up to speed and to ensure you have a great experience at the Lumberyard. In the meantime, we truly appreciate the patience everyone has shown if the food or drinks are coming out a little slower than we'd like and if the staff hasn't been by your table to check on you in a timely fashion.

We are committed to providing a great place to meet and connect with family and friends and to get some great food and drinks in a friendly environment in Afton. Thank you again for your patience and your support!

Matt, Eric, Cindy, Alyssa and Jon (Management)

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