Now opening for the summer 2022! New exciting changes!

** We are closed Monday April 25th and Tuesday the 26th for training, but will be fully open starting Wednesday the 27th**

New The Whiskey Lounge - a place to hangout, have some drinks and bar favorites while waiting for a table, or just to hang out and have some fun. We've spent a lot of time building it out to make it a comfortable, inviting space. You can also rent this space for small events! This area will be mostly order at the bar with limited service.

Here is a rough video, we'll be getting better looking photos shortly.

Changes to our services

We are going to be very transparent, last year was a really difficult year to be in the business of opening a new restaurant. For the most part, the Lumberyard was a big success and we enjoyed seeing so many families and friends enjoy the beautiful weather, our wonderful staff and our patio. We also dealt with some operational challenges. These challenges still exist today and we are taking steps to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

We noticed right away when we opened, there were some unique challenges, such as:

- Staffing

- Unexpected large groups and rushes

- People not checking in with a host and getting upset when we didn't see them fast enough

- People upset that food was taking too long to come out

These were on top of the challenges of a very difficult labor market and the beginning of a supply chain issue and inflation that is even worse for restaurants today.

With that being said, we have made some changes.

  1. Adopting more of a self ordering system, where people can order food from the ordering windows, get a number and it will be delivered when done.

  2. For those wanting full service, they can dine inside.

  3. Opening the whiskey lounge will give some additional space for people to wait and have a cool drink when we are unexpectedly slammed.

  4. Slimmed down menu. While some may be upset by this, it is necessary. The Lumberyard is a 115+ year old, historic building. It has a very small kitchen and is only capable of a certain amount of items to be produced at a given time with consistency. So we have kept the menu with all of the classic favorites, but have removed items that did not sell well and quite frankly, caused nothing but problems.

  5. We've adjusted our prices based on market conditions and inflation. It's unfortunate, but it is what it is. If we want to stay in business, we have to be able to operate in a responsible financial way. Most people understand this, but if you're going to complain about the price of a burger, don't blame the Lumberyard, our power only extends so far...and perhaps go elsewhere and save us the negative review.

We will be publishing the new menu shortly!

With that being said, the Lumberyard is open for the season and we look forward to seeing everyone soon!

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